Murmurhash2 in PHP without the extension

Murmurhash is a nice and speedy hashing algorithm that is handy for creating hash values based on strings. I use it often as benchmarks suggest it is one of the speedier implementations out there. Murmurhash can create 32-bit or 128-bit outputs.

In PHP, if you are able to install extensions, then you can simply install the murmurhash extension * (see bottom of page for instructions) and be done with it. If you’re on shared hosting, here is an extensionless alternative to produce 32-bit outputs based on the 2nd version of the murmurhash algorithm.

Do note, it is many times slower than the extension implementation, simply because it’s a user-created function. The code itself is relatively efficient and mostly bitshifting anyway. I had to knock this together because I needed murmurhash in a shared hosting environment where installing extensions is not an option.

* More recently that particular link for instructions on how to install the murmurhash extension is no available. Here is the general gist of how to install the extension:

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