Creating CSS Sprites with PHP

When you have a number of small images that appear on a page, or a number of pages that you know one particular client is going to visit that include these small images, it makes sense to use CSS sprites to speed-up the rendering of your web page.

This has two advantages, namely:

  • It reduces the number of HTTP requests a client has to make to download the images on your page
  • Speeds up the rendering of the images and the web-page due to limits on the number of HTTP connections between a server and a client.

The slight downside is that you may make a CSS sprite that contains images that don’t appear on a particular page, and therefore the client doesn’t need. Some consideration has to be put into these situations to weigh the pro’s and con’s of using a sprite.

A fairly comprehensive analysis of using sprites can be found at

Using PHP to Create Sprites

It’s very easy to create a sprite using PHP, which can generate a single image from a collection of images, and also generate the CSS for you. This is a huge timesaver if you intend to make a number of sprites.

The following simple class will perform the following upon initiating the class:

A summary of what’s going on…

  • Accept 4 arguments to perform the sprite and CSS creation:
    1. $folder , the folder to read images from
    2. $output, the filename given to the output, $output.css and $output.png
    3. $x,$y, the dimensions of the images you want to consider, all other images are ignored. If you wish to have images of variable size you will also want to do some mathematical optimization, to fit the images into the smallest sprite dimension possible.
  • The $folder you provide will then be scanned for matching files
  • The sprite image is then created, with a size according to the number of images that will be put into it. A CSS file is also created.
  • For each image in the folder, the image is appended to the sprite image in its relevant position, and the position is logged in the CSS file. A simple counter is used to differentiate the classes declared in the CSS file.

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  1. Very strange no one commented before, as it saves a lot of time. I’m sure it can be improved with another methods to be more efficient. But if you invest some time making little changes as; instead of array number use the filename, add a loop to search into multiple folders (recursive) and others, this function becomes very great. Thank you!

    My small contribution:

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